My Journey into the tech world.

Picture from Unsplash

I have always loved using a computer surfing through the internet looking for nothing but it sort of gave me satisfaction. I remember saving up my daily feeding allowances so I can afford to pay for time at the cyber cafe close to my house.

I would move from Facebook to Instagram till my time expires and I have to return home, don’t blame me I never knew I was smart enough to understand how the web works(prospective tech sis 👩‍💻).

Novels and movies that have to do with Technology became my favorite, at least if I can do it I should be able to watch and read about those who can do it. Till my breakthrough came in form of a friend Ademola Alabi who happens to be a developer.

I had just finished my final examinations as an undergraduate, waiting patiently for the one-year compulsory service year(NYSC); He sent me a link to apply for ALC 4.0(Andela Learning Community) and that was the start of my journey to becoming a web developer. Prior to the link, my friend sent, during one of our mind-stirring conversations I had mentioned that I wanted to be like him.

I had access to resources from Pluralsight courtesy of ALC, spent hours burning the midnight data subscriptions even though I didn’t understand what I was seeing in the tutorial videos. It seems my curiosity level increased.

I became addicted to coffee, even though it doesn’t keep me awake for long unlike other people; it still helped me to stay awake for few hours and I’d leave my laptop on with the videos on live-streaming and go to bed because nature can’t be cheated.

Eventually, I did not make it to phase 2 of ALC 4.0 because I couldn’t create a div(if you don’t understand, don’t worry 😂), and this kind of pushed me to learn more about web development and tech.

At some point, I wanted to try out technical writing, combining my writing skill with technical knowledge. surprisingly, God had better plans for my life and I am glad to be where he wants me to be.

From then till now has been a wonderful journey and with every effort, I make it keeps getting and I believe that soon my dreams will become a reality.

Thanks for reading….